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Ellie Maxwell Award Ceremony

Edinburgh University kindly hosted the award ceremony for our two winners of the inaugural Ellie Maxwell Award, an award given by Ellie’s family to encourage students at Edinburgh developing organisations which promote social change. Sarah Smith welcomed everyone to the University and spoke of the importance of this award in celebrating the achievements of students in a non-academic field.

Peter Constable Maxwell (Ellie’s father) gave a moving speech and presented the award to Colours of Edinburgh and Mxogyny. The two student winners Maisie Palmer of Mxogyny and Mohammed Al-Haifi gave excellent presentations on the organisations they co-founded.

Firefly has built a strong volunteer base at the university over the last year and plans an event organised by the student committee in early 2020.

Peter Constable Maxwell, Margot Coles (chair of trustees), Colours of Edinburgh – Mohammed Al Haifi, Frida Jonasson and Orson Grad and Diana McMicking (director)

Sarah Smith Edinburgh University Vice-Principal Strategic Change and Governance welcomed the winners and Firefly team to the University

Peter Constable Maxwell, Margot Coles (chair of trustees Firefly) Maisie Palmer Ellie Maxwell Award winner founder of Mxogyny and Diana McMicking (director of Firefly)

Peter Constable Maxwell gave a moving speech on Ellie Maxwell and the founding of Firefly and presented the Award to Maisie Palmer of Mxogyny and Mohammed Al-Haifi of Colours of Edinburgh


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