Firefly International supports grass root organisations in countries affected by conflict and the devastation it can cause for children and families.


At the forefront of all the local projects we support is local knowledge and using this in the most effective way to support refugees and children experiencing the long term effects of war.

They focus on education, the arts, health and well-being as well as reducing local tensions and promoting peaceful dialogue.
Much emphasis is placed on providing a safe and therapeutic environment as well as creative and relevant learning for children whose greatest need is hope.

Firefly for Syrians

Safe space and education for refugees

Firefly in Bosnia

Conflict prevention through the promotion of peace and tolerance in Svitac

Firefly for Palestinians

PTSD counselling for children affected by war


Firefly International in the UK supports our partner projects in three main ways


  • Research and connect our partners with funding
  • Make applications on for our partners
  • Support to develop their fundraising capability


  • Act as an incubator to help start-up organisations to grow
  • Offer research, communication and promotional services
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop and maintaining donor and supporter databases
  • Recruit and manage volunteers for Firefly activity in the UK and internationally.


  • Monitor and report the activity of our local projects to donors and funders
  • Ensure compliance with OSCR requirements
  • Scrutinise through trustee’s meetings and annual reports
  • Ensuring child safety – see our Child Safeguarding Policy