New mural created for Ellie Maxwell Centre in Brčko, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Young international and local volunteers worked together to create a wonderful new mural for the Ellie Maxwell Centre in Brčko. Svitac (Firefly in Bosnia) runs creative activities every day to bring together the divided community still living with the aftermath of a bitter civil war. Thank you Tamara, Asmira, Dicle and Zorana for creating the

Updates from Syria, Gaza and Bosnia

In the Syrian camps we have been running workshops about hygiene - the importance of hand washing and awareness of Coronavirus alongside our daily curriculum. Syrian children have endured so much in their lives and are increasingly vulnerable in these unprecedented times. Our work is crucial supporting these communities through war, disease and the challenges

Gaza Child Mental Health Project

We are two months into the CATT (children's accelerated trauma treatment) Gaza Pilot project and the mid-term report is complete and full of the successes already achieved:  20 children referred and assessed 10 children who have completed CATT treatment 30 care-givers reached through awareness sessions  Challenging PTSD symptoms have been reduced and recovery assessed in 100% of the children whose

PTSD counselling in Gaza – supported by Firefly International, IMET2000 and ACT International

Firefly, IMET2000 and ACT international are running a six-month pilot in Gaza treating children suffering from PTSD. ACT International trains counsellors in accelerated trauma therapy (CATT) and the two counsellors in Gaza – Mohammed El Sharef and Haitham Mohammed have been trained by ACT and are receiving ongoing training and supervision from Dr Ghalia Al

World Life Experience at Svitac!

Our partner in Bosnia, Svitac hosted a group of participants from the World Life Experience project between April 9-19th. World Life Experience takes 11 people around the world for 1 year: travelling, discovering, interacting and working with local people and organisations. We are very grateful to the World Life Experience team for their wonderful feedback on

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