Gordana Varcakovic

Gordana is the Director of Omladinska organizacija Svitac. From 1999 to 2002 she managed a team of up to 13 employees, coordinated general administration as well as budgets, and motivated and promoted group and individual work. Currently she is managing team of 2 permanent Svitac employees, 5 local and 5 international long term volunteers.

Gordana has also run courses in English Language for children and young people. In 2001, she coordinated a project facilitating the re-integration of children from the Roma community into Brčko schools in co-operation with the schools, UNDP and municipality.

She coordinated a multi-ethnic festival in Brčko in 1999, the first multi-ethnic event in Brčko since the war, creating the programme, choosing groups to participate, and getting OHR and Municipality approval. She has been in charge of the Svitac’s overall development as a local NGO since June 2003.