We are two months into the CATT (children’s accelerated trauma treatment) Gaza Pilot project and the mid-term report is complete and full of the successes already achieved: 

  • 20 children referred and assessed
  • 10 children who have completed CATT treatment
  • 30 care-givers reached through awareness sessions 

Challenging PTSD symptoms have been reduced and recovery assessed in 100% of the children whose treatment has been undertaken. 

Firefly is working in partnership with ACT international who are specialist in CATT training and with IMET2000 who work in Gaza delivering medical and surgical projects. 

The project itself has met with challenges but these are being carefully considered and addressed and, with many children in process of assessment or mid-way through treatment, focus continues to be on bringing positive outcomes to as many children as possible in Gaza. 

Depending on the required funding we hope to go onto Gaza Pilot Part 2 in 2020