Ethnic and political divisions in Bosnia are far from being resolved. But, with our help, new generations can achieve the unachievable.

Thanks to its multi-ethnic youth arts and education projects, our partner Svitac plays a crucial role in promoting community cohesion and defeating conflict narratives in the ethnically diverse city of Brčko (North-Eastern Bosnia).

As part of its effort to reach integration and unity through arts and culture, Svitac has recently launched the “2017 FutureShorts Film Festivals” and “August 2017 Summer Camps” initiatives and needs everyone’s help to make them happen.

More information on these projects and the best way to support them can be found at:

Svitac 2017 Summer Camp 

Svitac 2017 FutureShorts

Alternatively, you can donate via Firefly’s JustGiving page.

Your contribution will help Svitac keep the local youth together and working for a common future.