An open theatre workshop where Syrian refugee women have a safe space to express their bodies and minds.



Firefly supported the Antigone project in Beirut run by Mattar, located in Bekka Valley, Lebanon. This was a three-month long series of theatre workshops in which 35 Syrian refugee women from the ages of 17 to 65 reworked their stories into a contemporary version of Antigone. The women participants live in densely crowded refugee camps in Southern Beirut. Creative art workshops for their children were run alongside the theatre workshops.


The workshops addressed issues of loss and the effects of war on the women’s own lives. They were empowered by producing a professional theatre production, many who had never performed before. They received small actress fees providing much needed income for their families, but more than this they gained a sense of self worth and a platform to share their stories.


Firefly has acted as a sort of incubator providing institutional support for this nascent organisation set-up by good people with a vision, allowing them to run activities in an emergency situation simultaneous to registering their own independent organisation. After a successful year raising funds and running a good project on the ground, we wish Mattar to build on its success as an independent charity!