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Updates from Antakya – October 2017

Our projects coordinator – Maria Chambers – visited our centre in Antakya this October, bringing back great news!


“It was just so wonderful to see the way the Applied science programme has developed. Top quality resources have been made at the centre that support the curriculum developed by our staff. They are highly portable and compact enabling high quality resources tailored for the curriculum to be distributed at all the locations where we are currently teaching.


The centre has been running for a year and a half now. I am thrilled to report that the children are flourishing and the staff have developed a very innovative programme, appropriate to the needs of these children and their future employability. We are now ready to roll this programme out and extend our outreach. I have returned to the UK enthused and determined to raise the funds to enable this to happen” Maria Chambers – Projects Coordinator


Courses in computer programming, electronics, mechanical engineering and civil engineering are at the heart of our applied science programme. Simple approaches to learning for children that are relevant to life. By explaining complicated ideas in an open ended way and through practical work, children are encouraged to investigate their own questions and trained not to be afraid to learn from their own mistakes. This approach develops open ended and inquisitive minds, stimulates curiosity and encourages problem solving.



Automotive Robotics and Computer Programming


Our teachers are from engineering and science backgrounds and their professional skills impregnate the curriculum.
This is high quality and engaging.


“Pupils are learning C and C++ programming, how to make basic commands and programme the sensors and how to use the sensors to control the robot. This is a doorway for these students into understanding a lot of technologies that we have in our world today. Students are also learning the electronics side. So through practical work they really understand the board and precisely how this is working. On the mechanical side they learn how to build the designs that are related to what the robot does….”   Ustaz Obada Yousef- engineering teacher




Mechanical Engineering


Meccano is a wonderful way to expand the minds of our children as well as to develop their mobility as a physiotherapy exercise.


“This six year old boy couldn’t hold a pencil when he first came to our center due to his war injuries: his dexterity has been increasing everyday since joining our centre.” Ustaz Obada Yousef- engineering teacher



A meccano would be a wonderful present for our children in Antakya and the many others we will outreach inside Syria. The cost to procure and send to destination a single unit is about £15. That’s a very small price for all the happiness and educational benefits this excellent educational equipment can give. Please, help us making those children smile and progress in their lives.


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