We know that child marriage keeps girls from pursuing their potential. Married girls are deprived of their fundamental rights to health, education and safety.

They face huge challenges and often feel disempowered.

“I dropped out after grade six, and I suffered a lot because I did not continue my education. They used to tell us that this is enough, and that a girl only needs to learn how to read and write. This affected me a lot; I regret not finishing my education.”  Zaina, young Syrian mother

This school in Khirbet al Jouz refugee camp was due to close late last year – denying 132 teenage girls their right to education.

Our Firefly for Syrian’s project leader in Antakya, Turkey, Fadia Shaker, made the decision to prioritise keeping this school open and these girls’ educations.

Firefly for Syrians is supporting this school for an initial three months, enabling girls to continue to study. Girls are central to the education of future generations.  Continued education is shown to reduce early marriage and increase opportunity and hope in communities for the future.