Maria Chambers, Projects Coordinator, Antakya June 2019:

We would like to thank the Hadrian wall walkers for their energy and enthusiasm raising the funds that have supported these programmes: without their hard work and generosity of their sponsors these children would not have access to these activities.

The summer holiday lasts for 12 Weeks many children have nothing to do. Our summer programme involves children in a regular activity that directs their energies into positive educational activities helping them to catch up on lost years of schooling due to conflict. In addition, classes indirectly enhance the skills of teamwork, creative solutions, and individual creativity. Our children inside Syria do not have the advantage of parks, sports clubs, outings or activities.

Our Summer Programmes have now started: currently, two hundred and seventy-five children are benefitting inside Syria, in refugee camps close to the Turkish border. Educational resources are scarce and living conditions increasingly challenging as more and more people move closer to the border fleeing the ongoing conflict in Northern Syria. We have been working in these camps since October 2017.

The teachers we trained continue to develop through direct teacher links with our center. Training opportunities for teachers inside Syria are currently very rare. When a new scheme of work is introduced each teacher inside Syria is linked directly with a member of staff in our Antakya center who is responsible for their further professional development. They follow classes daily through what’s app communications. We send tailor-made educational resources across the border from our center in Antakya that support specific schemes of work. It is very important for us to provide the best learning for these children and the key to this is in the quality of the teaching and appropriate learning resources.

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