Svitac began in Brčko as Firefly Youth Project in 1998 when British‐born Ellie Maxwell founded us after the Bosnian conflict (1992‐1995) ended. As aid worker during the conflict, Ellie believed that shared creative activities and contact with the outside world can play an important part in reducing tensions linked to sectarian violence.

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Svitac is a youth arts NGO in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Svitac delivers community building arts and education workshops, year–round events and summer activity camps encouraging dialogue between young people of all ethnicities. Like Firefly, Svitac believes that by supporting people to learn together and work on shared interests, a stronger community can be built and perceived boundaries overcome.

In a uniquely multi‐ethnic area of Bosnia and Herzegovina with high unemployment and little provision for youth, Svitac strives to bring about reconciliation, develop local knowledge and creativity and strengthen connections to the rest of the world. Local and international volunteers play an important part in this and help deliver a lively and exciting activity programme.

Founded in 1998 by Ellie Maxwell as ‘Firefly Youth Project’ at the end of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Svitac is now a well‐established, locally‐managed organisation. These days Svitac and Firefly operate as partners with Firefly supporting Svitac by fundraising & recruiting and sending volunteers from the UK to Bosnia.

For more information visit the Svitac website.


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