Firefly offers a range of fantastic volunteer opportunities for short and longer term creative placements with our partner Svitac in Bosnia funded through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme.

If you’re living in the UK and aged 18‐30 then you’re eligible to apply for these EVS funded placements.

If you’re over 30, not based in the UK or got an idea for an interesting project of your own in Bosnia there are still opportunities available, please take a look at Svitac’s volunteering pages or contact Svitac directly.

We’re currently recruiting for
  • Music Workshop Co‐ordinator‐ 11 Months: October 2016‐September 2017 Deadline 10am Tuesday 30th August


  • Autumn/Winter Volunteers– (two vacancies)  2.5 Months: October‐Mid December 2016 Deadline 10am Tuesday 30th August


Who we’re looking for:

Ideal candidates are motivated and enthusiastic with arts and/or music skills, experience working with young people and experience running workshops and events.

We welcome volunteers from many different backgrounds, experience levels and skill sets so if you’re interested please do apply. Formal art or music qualifications are not essential. All applicants must be living in the UK and be aged 18-30 at the time of application to be eligible for EVS funding.


What do volunteers at Svitac do?

Volunteers work with a small team of Svitac staff, to organise and deliver community  art, music and education workshops and events for children and young people at the youth centre in Brcko. Typically, a Svitac volunteers work can be broken down into four main areas:

Supporting & leading ongoing activities All volunteers will support Svitac’s lively daily programme of creative and educational activities for children at the youth centre in Brcko. Svitac staff and volunteers run structured daily activities for children aged 4-15. Volunteers take turns to lead some weekly sessions. Volunteers may also be involved with other ongoing young people’s workshops such as English language and Samba drumming.  

Supporting & leading community events Svitac has an annual programme of large scale community events which bring children and young people together. These include events for Anti Fascism Day & Anti Racism Day, a Halloween Party, Spring and Winter celebrations and Future Shorts Film Festivals. Volunteers help to plan and organise these events and play a vital part in this unique and fun calendar. Summer volunteers will also support Svitac’s spectacular week of summer activity camps and Children’s Day celebration in the community at the end of August.

Developing new workshops & projects Volunteers will have a chance to set up and run their own independent workshops from scratch. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop project management skills and make ideas for community arts and music projects a reality. Svitac attendees are aged from 4 to 25 so there’s the chance to deliver activities across a range of ages. Previous volunteers have delivered their own workshops in drama, art, mosaic making, singing, yoga, hula-hoop, trumpet, nature appreciation, jam sessions, origami and Dutch to name just a few!

Connecting with the community & team Volunteers also play a really important role in connecting with young people in the community through friendship, sharing experiences and ideas, bringing new perspectives and energy to a community where for many, options to leave can be limited.

Volunteers work with a small team of Svitac staff and alongside a larger team of local and international volunteers. Volunteers must be willing to work as part of a team and attend weekly meetings to schedule and organise activities together. Svitac receives volunteers from many countries and the volunteer team is diverse in ages and nationalities so it’s a great opportunity to learn from one another and develop team working skills.


What’s included?

This is a fully funded EVS volunteer position which means the following costs are covered:

-Reasonable travel costs from your home to Brcko, Bosnia and back


-Insurance – all volunteers are insured against sickness, accidents, permanent invalidity, and repatriation in case of serious illness, accident, and death. The insurance also covers civil liability.

-A modest living allowance of about 150 euros per month for food and other expenses.


What training and support do I receive?

You will receive some brief pre-departure training, on-arrival training (with other EVS volunteers on placements in the Balkans), regular meetings and support from Svitac staff, support from a designated mentor as well as email contact with Firefly in UK throughout your placement as needed. Volunteers on longer twelve month placements will also attend a mid-term training around six months into their placement with other EVS volunteers.  

How to apply?

Applicants should email a CV, a short Letter of Motivation, and written confirmation of your age and UK address (just a sentence stating these is sufficient- no formal ID required at this stage) to 

Your Letter of Motivation should explain your reason for seeking the placement and share whatever relevant skills you may have , whether in the arts, languages, music or sports. Many of Svitac’s activities are designed and implemented by volunteers, so if you have an idea for a project or workshop we’d love to hear it. Applications must be received by deadlines stated at the top of the page.

If you have any questions please contact

What is EVS?

EVS is part of ERASMUS+, the European Union YOUTH programme that promotes the mobility of young people through international activities with a non‐formal education dimension such as youth exchanges, voluntary services, youth initiatives and training of youth workers.

EVS offers young people (usually aged 18‐30) the opportunity to volunteer in another country, normally for a period from two to twelve months. EVS provides the funding to cover the volunteer’s costs.

Each EVS project has three partners: a volunteer, a sending organisation and a host organisation.

Both Svitac and Firefly are registered to participate in the EVS scheme. The volunteer opportunities offered here are with Firefly International as a ‘sending organisation’ and Svitac as a ‘hosting organisation’. The short and long-term volunteer opportunities with Svitac listed here are projects that have already been approved and funded as EVS projects. (You can also design and create your own projects by finding your own sending and hosting organisations, writing a project proposal and applying to EVS for funding)

EVS is not very widely known in the UK, but in fact EVS projects take place with young people from all over the world. At least one of the countries involved in a project , either the sending country‐ where the volunteer is from, or the host country‐where the volunteer is going must be a programme country. Programme Countries are EU Member States, the European Economic Area and Turkey. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a neighbouring‐partner country.

Please note: Firefly International DOES NOT host EVS volunteers in the UK, so we do not accept applications from those wishing to do EVS in UK.